How Solar Companies Can Double Revenues with Online Marketing

The renewables & solar industries have been exploding in 2017. People are searching on Google and engaging with content related to solar energy on Facebook more than ever before. The ability to get your products and services in front of these people is what makes digital marketing strategies so effective. The people you are marketing to are already warm and primed for purchasing solar and renewable energy products.

250 Digital ( has been creating high converting, beautiful websites and running targeted Facebook and Google advertising for companies in the solar and renewables industry. Results have been astounding, bringing in exclusive, targeted leads consistently and on a daily basis. This can be a very effective way to scale within your current market and/or expand your offerings in to new markets.

For example – our online marketing strategies bring you 10 leads per day. That’s 300 leads per month. Even at a 5% conversion rate, that’s 15 installs at approximately $4000 gross profit per install, that’s $60,000 extra per month in additional revenue. The powerful reach of the internet.

Whether you are selling residential solar installs or own an e-commerce store selling efficiency products, utilizing the reach and magnitude of internet marketing strategies is the best way to get a high ROI on your marketing dollars.


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It’s our mission to help accelerate the adoption of clean technologies by helping your company get renewables products and services to the masses.

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